A late morning in Celebration


One of the best recipes for stress relief must be a late morning by Lake Rainhard in Celebration.



What a beautiful view to lay your eyes on!


After a stressfull working period we went to Florida to get some peace of mind.

Where we went? …To Celebration of course.

Grabbing a cup of coffee and a hot chocolate at the local Starbucks, finding a rocking chair by the lake, enjoy the view; and you’re as good as new.


We will posts more about this pearl later on. We really like it there, and hope you will as well!


Small facts:

♦ A small village nearby the Disney resorts

♦ Approx. 7500 inhabitans

♦ Planed and developed by the Walt Disney Company and Celebration Company, Osceola

♦ Some people call it “the real life Duckburg”



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