Over and over again…

Disney World!!!

When we ran like crazy, we comforted ourselves with a quote by Walt Disney:

That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up!

You see, at the end of a long day in Walt Disney World® we ended up in Magic Kingdom®. Just before closing time we found one of our favorite rides from our visit in Disneyland® in Paris, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad®!!! We became like kids again (for the Xth time that day).

Disney World

This rollercoaster is what we will call “family friendly”. That means no driving with your eyes closed, just fun fun fun (and some screaming of course, it’s not boring…)!!!

The only problem we had was that the park was about to close… We didn’t want to go back home and become “grown ups” again! We wanted to be a little bit more like Walt Disney, and we wanted to stay in the magic. So after the wild ride ended, we ran back to the starting point and went for another ride…

And you know what? We thought we would never reach more than one, maybe two rides with our favorite.

We reached four! …Thank you Walt Disney!

Disney World

When we stepped out of the rollercoaster for the last time that evening, the view was a bit magic as well.


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