Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney – worth a visit!

Have you ever visited Downtown Disney?

We had our first visit there as we wanted to go to a movie this summer. The feeling of experiencing real American cinema was one we had been longing for a long time. Bigger, better, with more sound and huge popcorn containers. We chose the AMC theater in Downtown Disney. Here you can enjoy a “classic” seat and watch a two or three dimensional movie – OR you can enjoy the dine-in theatre, with upgraded seats, seat-side service and more!

Unlike the Disney theme parks, e.g. Magic Kingdom and Epcot center, you don’t pay admission to get into Downtown Disney. Even parking is free. You just stroll into a huge pedestrian zone with streets and squares. You’ll find a Starbucks cafe, a hot air balloon (takes you 400 feet up in the air for $ 18), Planet Hollywood, a Harley Davidson shop, a Star Wars shop, water taxis, restaurants, and much much much more!


You can spend the day in Downtown Disney – and then come back the next. There´s something for everyone. You can start the day by grabbing an ice-cream and a cup of coffee, then stroll along the waterside and just try to absorb all the impressions from the people, the attractions, the beautiful lake view. At lunch time, there’s plenty of restaurants and cafes that will serve you an excellent meal. In the afternoon, you can take a water taxi to one of the theme parks, before you return in the evening for dinner. As mentioned, you can eat at the cinema while watching a good movie, or may we recommend Fulton’s Crab House Riverboat Restaurant? It’s a fullsize riverboat with a charming atmosphere. And don’t despair if you don’t like seafood: They serve landfood as well. And of course: You have lots of other places to choose from!

Our first visit to Downtown Disney became two visits, in just a few days… Not just because of the fun movies they showed at the cinema, but very much because of the atmosphere in the area! We really liked it there! …and we’re soon to come visit again!


Want more information? Find it here: Disney Springs homepage (yes, it’s also called Disney Springs).

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