A paradise recommended by Elliott Hulse

Elliott Hulse and Fort De Soto Beach!

That’s what we thought when we arrived at Fort De Soto beach. And the best part? The visit  wasn’t even planned!

Elliott Hulse

To make a long story short:

Our schedule for the day was to escort our daugther who had set up an interview with Elliott Hulse in St. Petersburg.

Elliott strongly recommended a visit to Fort De Soto since we already were in the area, and we are so thankful for that recommendation!

When we stepped out of the car at the beautiful parking lot (even the parking lot was a sight for the eye), we noticed that it was so quiet there!

The area offers a rich animal life, sand that almost melts under your feet, and water like those pictures you see from Caribbean – … just like paradise!

Elliott Hulse

At Fort De Soto you can find your own “private beach”…




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