Hello Heaven!

We came to heaven – at least a sort of heaven:

Sunken Gardens!

Heaven… or a bit of heaven.

Sunken Gardens… Just the name brings us romantical, yet tragical vibes. First of all; forget all about tragical vibes! It’s nothing tragical about the paradise in the middle of the beautiful city of St. Petersburg! It’s a beautiful garden, a quiet spot with some of the oldest tropical plants in the region. In fact, it’s the home of more than 50,000 plants and flowers from all over the world!



Spend some time in this magical garden, and you become 10 years younger in your soul!  But of course, that’s our opinion…

…Are you in the mood for some romance? No problem! You can say “I Do” to your loved one right here in the middle of this paradise! It’s been like this since 1935. Many of us would love to become husband and wife in a place like that! If you’re not in the mood for “loooove”, what about another kind of love? One of us just falled in love with the most beautiful white parrot who had his home in Sunken Gardens. He held the fifteen year old’s hand and didn’t wanna let go! The white Beauty danced for our teenager, and startet talking to him. Many pictures, and many minutes later – we said goodbye to our new friend….

It was quite random that we visited Sunken Gardens, but sometimes randomness is “awesomeness”! Our goal with a day in St. Petersburg this time was the beach and an another segwaytour with the amazing Doo at Doo’s Amazing Tours.



We managed to do both – first riding along on our segways to spend a time in heaven (read: at the Sunken Gardens), then a swim as we watched the beautiful Florida sunset. When we arrived at home that evening we definitely thought we were about 10 years younger looking in the mirror. But hey – again, that’s our opinion…



The Flamingo picture is borrowed from floridaphotomatt.com.

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