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Snow vs Summer!

Snow vs summer? No bad feelings about our home country, Norway! Really! We’re so lucky to meet all the four seasons back home, but after months with cold weather, including rain and snow, our cold bodies really needed to be warmed up again….

So in May we travelled from snow and winter clothes to summer and shorts. What a feeling!

That’s one of the great things about Florida: it’s the Sunshine State; nothing more – nothing less! For us “vikings” from up north, it’s kind of a gift traveling to Florida after a long winter. We understand why this state is one of the top tourist destinations in North America: summer all year long? It’s paradise!!!

Snow vs summer

In Norway, most swimming pools are indoor. And the ones that are outside are rarely in use outside the summer months (how strange!). We do, however, have an interesting winter sport: ice bathing. Yes, you read it correctly: ice bathing. Drive to a lake covered in ice, make a hole in the ice (if no one has had the same idea before you and already done the job), take off your clothes (normally all textiles are removed from the body) and jump in. Even Norwegian TV stations make a news report on this “event” every winter. We’d rather jump into this:

Bella Piazza swimming pool

We never ask ourselves “why do we love Florida?”. It’s a natural thing. We love summer.



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