St. Augustine – the nation’s oldest city

The city of St. Augustine is a must-see when visiting Florida. It was founded in 1565 and offers a tremendous amount of charming and interesting history. Situated at the east coast, less than two hours north of Orlando and less than an hour south of Jacksonville, it’s a nice day trip.

St. Augustine: Oldest wooden school house
The oldest wooden school house

And where the amusement parks and museums can only show you old-time wannabe and things on display through glass walls, St. Augustine gives you the real thing! Here you can walk around in streets that are several hundred years old. You can visit the fort by the ocean, or the oldest wooden school house – or you can go straight to jail, great grandpa style. Or you can sit down and have a cup of coffee or a snack at a restaurant that could have served your great great great great grandparents – when they were around.

Buy a ticket on one of several trolleys that will guide you through the town. That’s the easiest way to get around if it’s your first time there.

Old time photo St. Augustine
Party St. Augustine style

Places we recommend? St. George street in the heart of the city is mandatory! It starts at the old city gates in the north and is for pedestrians only. There are a lot of attractions and shops, and you are guaranteed to find something you like. After a good meal, some old fashion candy and a look at the oldest wooden school house in America, we found our selves inside a photographer’s shop that brought us back in time (the kids meant that we fit right in).


And you MUST go see the old jail! The guide is a prison employee, and he’s from way back then… (so behave!)

The old jail  Old car 
Old store
St. Augustine gives you an old time jail, old time cars and an authentic old time grocery store. And lots more.


You will never forget a visit to St. Augustine! It’s like all the other magic that Florida has to offer – just real.


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