It all started with a mouse for Walt Disney!

Walt Disney

Like he said; it all started with a mouse.  It was Mr. Disney that created the wellknown Mickey Mouse, and you know what? Mickey was based on a mouse he had adopted as a pet!

Walt Disney

In late 1965 he announced his plans to develop Disney World in Florida. At that time he had already created Disneyland located in California. We clearly understand that he loved to entertain people! In 2015, almost 50 years after his death, he still entertains kids in all ages in his theme parks, movies and characters!

The words we first came up with when we  wanted to describe Walt Disney?

♦ Smart

♦ Funny

♦ One of our childhood heroes

♦ Genius

♦ A grown up with the heart of a child

♦ Legend

♦ Dreamer

♦ Believer


If you can dream it, you can do it!

                                 Walt Disney


The information about Walt Disney is taken from Wikipedia. The pictures are taken from The Telegraph and Layover Guide.

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